Around the Horn: Previewing the 2016 MLB Season

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From the authority of Major League baseball, probable dates of the regular season 2016 have been announced. It is supposed to be launched on 3rd April, 2016 which is a Sunday evening. Therefore, excellent start of an event can be expected quite naturally. During initial stages, it is possible to come across 13 games.

First game for the season will be played as a conventional opener at Philadelphia. There are also six matches from division. Interleague contest will be held between The Mets and The Royals. In the game, The Royals will be playing as the host. Therefore, it can be considered as an advantage. Eight games are organized on 5th April. On the next day, you can observe 15 games of full slate.

Ending date for the regular season of MLB has been announced as well. It is supposed to finish on 2nd October. To given optimum pleasure to the crowd, some important matches have been scheduled on 15th April that is also known as Jackie Robinson Day. In addition, there are matches on 8th May and 10th June respectively for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. 9th June can be seen as the opening day for the MLB Draft 2016.

20th year will be marked with the Interleague Play 2016 season. Therefore, optimum amount of crowd will be expected this year. The Blue Jays will be meeting The Padres for first contest between them on the period between 25th July and 27th July.

The regular season of interleague match is played every year since introduction of format on 1997. In order to offer ultimate enjoyment, an All Star Game has been held on the 12th July.

For prime rotation of Interleague, matches between NL West and Al East, NL East and AL Central and NL Central and AL West will be observed. Most of the teams will play 20 games during Interleague. 12.3% of the schedules will be taken by these Interleague matches. Therefore, it will be considered as an important part of the season. Fate of the season can be decided to some extent in due course. And to predict your team’s fate, you can play to your heart’s content at online bookmaker sites like Ladbrokes, William Hill & bet365 just to name a few. For a review of bet365 and others, check out this site for a comprehensive list to get you started.

The Cubs will be beginning the season with the Interleague Play first time after long period. They will be playing from California this season. In the 1960 season, they have started from San Francisco.

In Cleveland, season opener for Boston has been scheduled. Red Sox has ended the season last year with the same team. Prior to this season, Boston has opened with the Indian for about three times. Similar occasions have been found exclusively in Fenway Park for the seasons on 1979, 1977 and 1962.

Similar situation will be observed for Astros as they meet their opponents NL Central since the move has been made to AL. Return to the Minute Maid Park will be made by the teams like Cardinals, Curbs and The Reds after the season 2013. In the road, Astros will be meeting Pirates and Brewers. The Pirates will be also playing the Cardinals at the home.

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